‘Planning for Success’ Ta’allum Induction for the New Year

‘Planning for Success’ Ta’allum Induction for the New Year 

As the saying goes; ‘failing to plan means planning to fail.’ Ta’allum staff, both new arrivals and those returning, participated in an intensive induction programme before the start of the new school year. The emphasis was on thorough preparation and planning to be ready for the students’ return to school.  

School Leaders set the tone for the year in their welcome addresses to staff. Ta’allum offered a warm welcome to new Heads of Secondary School, Fiona Clark at AJA and Robert Maddox at AMAB along with new Heads of EYFS - Eleni Vasileiadou at AMAG and Samantha Anderson at AJA; Kerry Turner, Deputy Head of EYFS at AMAG; Craig Chapman, Secondary Deputy Head at AJA. 

Dr Mohammed Saefan, Ta’allum’s Director of Education, led a workshop in which he stressed some of the key components of leadership ‘energy, passion, commitment and integrity.’ He added ‘Our induction programme for all staff is designed to ensure staff readiness and to enable the development of high- quality learning right from the beginning of the Semester. We look forward to a great year ahead ahead.’ 

During the Induction, all Ta’allum staff were fully prepared in areas which included Safeguarding Covid 19 precautions, protocols, and requirements. They were familiarised with Ta’allum policies and procedures, Blended Learning expectations and a focus on high quality teaching and learning. New staff received specific training in ‘cultural sensitivity’ to help them adjust to their new situation here in Qatar.

Mr Ahmed Al Mannai, Ta’allum CEO said ‘We put a great deal of time and resource into recruiting our new staff, we have a critical role in delivering an effective induction to make sure they settle in quickly, understand the job and what is expected of them. Effective induction can lay important foundations for a productive working relationship and is essential in delivering high standards of performance.’


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