The official Talk For Writing trainers

This Saturday 23rd February, Early Years and Primary staff across the Ta’allum Schools enjoyed a hands-on workshop delivered by Dean Thompson, one of the official Talk For Writing trainers

The workshop forms part of a series of trainings focused on raising student attainment in the academies using research-backed methods. Along with the Read, Write Inc training and Singapore Maths training delivered to staff in the past, Saturday’s training on Talk for Writing supports Taállum’s drive to raise aspirations for students and enable them to be creative learners today and future leaders tomorrow.

Talk for Writing is a proven approach for teaching writing based on how children learn. It provides students with the tools they need to firstly listen to, then say and write texts.

In the context of Taállum’s academies where the vast majority of students have English as an additional language, being exposed to texts; learning to imitate them; before innovating and applying are recognized as essential.

Allowing students to hear texts and learn adapted versions of texts supports their language development, oracy skills, confidence and understanding of text structure.

For EAL learners having the vocabulary and text structure to draw on when writing their own texts,  is important. Opportunities to innovate new stories provides students with higher level creative challenges which develop further their language skills and confidence as writers.

Dean helped staff to see the sequence of steps that could be used to support students in their learning journey.  He modelled text recitation and delivery and got staff up and involved, before talking through worked examples of story mapping, bare bones and boxing up texts.

The hands-on- workshop seemed to go down well with staff with many expressing appreciation to Dean.

Talk for Writing is an approach already in use in Taállum’s academies but the workshop on Saturday has provided staff with fresh ideas and greater depth of knowledge about how best to support Taállum’s EAL students with their writing.

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