‘The Sky’s the Limit’ - Outstanding IGCSE, ‘A’ Level and University Success for Ta’allum’s Class of 2021



‘The Sky’s the Limit’ - Outstanding IGCSE, ‘A’ Level and University Success for Ta’allum’s Class of 2021


As Autumn arrives, Ta’allum alumni from the Class of 2021 at Ta’allum Academies reflected on a summer of high academic achievement. Successful students are contemplating a bright future. Many students have begun an exciting and aspirational new chapter in their lives at high -ranking universities across the globe. Across the 3 Academies; Al Jazeera, Al Maha Boys, and Girls, Ta’allum students celebrated outstanding success in IGCSE and ‘A’ Level assessments. These proven British curriculum examinations are recognized world-wide as the ‘Gold Standard’ of qualifications. All of this was achieved against the backdrop of disruption caused by the pandemic, which cast a shadow over so much in the preceding 18 months.

‘Creative Learners Today, Our Future Leaders Tomorrow.’

The high aspirations of all 3 Ta’allum Academies were realised with a 100% Thanaweyah pass rate. Ta’allum students have a long history of success in IAS level qualifications. Now increasing numbers of students are going a stage further by completing full A levels in Year 13 with a view to gaining entry to the World’s most prestigious universities. A significant proportion of the grades achieved by Ta’allum students were in actual exams rather than through the Teacher Assessed Grades process. There is no doubt that this success is a prelude to their opportunity as pacesetters and leaders of Qatar in the future.

There were many notable university admissions.


AJA’s Majed ‘Reaches for the Stars’ with NASA University Sponsorship

 Pride of place for the highest achieving student in Ta’allum Academies went to Majed ElKhalifa of Al Jazeera Academy. With 3 grade A full Advanced level passes he is one of the highest achieving students internationally. His efforts have been rewarded with a place at Texas A&M University and the University of Toronto in Canada to study Physics. His full A levels with an A in Mathematics, A* in Further Mathematics and A in Physics along with his 4 IAS passes at all at grade A represent the pinnacle of success. His efforts have been rewarded with a prestigious NASA sponsorship and the prospect of fulfilling his ambitions of space travel as an Astonaut.

Ta’allum’s Record Numbers Answer the ‘Call of Service to Humanity’ in Medicine

Record numbers of Ta’allum students have been inspired to answer the moving and personal call to alleviate people’s pain and suffering by embarking on a career in Medicine. The highest number of students from any schools in Qatar or further afield are from Ta’allum students at Weill Cornell University. Abdulaziz Al Ansari, Lolwa Al Abdulghani Abdulrahman Al Namla and Sara Al Akaabi are all studying Medicine at Weill Cornell Medicine Qatar) along with Maha Abdulla A F Al-Marri.  AMAG former students Fatima Al-Musleh, Muneera Kaldari, Fatima Al-Mohammed and Aldana Al-Abdulla are among the alumni who have featured in the WCMC-Q Foundation Times publication, with Aldana writing an open letter to Covid-19 about her experience with the pandemic.

In addition, Maryam Shareef and Bayan Al Khanji were admitted to the world -famous Kings College, London, also to study Medicine. Mohammed Fahad Hussain of Al Maha Boys is studying Medicine at Qatar University

Ta’allum Students Eye the Future of Technology

Many Ta’allum students see their future in Computer Engineering and Technology – almost certainly in fields that have not yet been invented!

Ta’allum CEO, Ahmed Al Mannai has a compelling vision of the future for Ta’allum. He said ‘The potential of ‘Artificial Intelligence’ in Ta’allum Education is immense. The future is already here. AI is not a means to replace teachers, but instead to positively enhance their role in delivering the highest quality education.’

Encouragingly, more and more female students are breaking barriers by enrolling on Computer, Science and Engineering courses. Students admitted to university this year in this field include:

From AJA

Omar Bahzad - Computer Science, Al Nassr Al Maha - Information Systems and Hadeel Al Ansari - Biological Sciences at Carnegie Mellon University) Ali Al Khalaf and Mohammed Al Mohammadi - Chemical Engineering and Noora Al Muhannadi - Electrical Engineering at Texas AM University)


Abdulla Alawi M S Al-Korbi, Amer Ali Al-Emadi and Mohammed Abdulaziz Al-Naimi – all at Texas A&M University reading Electrical and Computer Engineering



Latifa Ahmed Al Emadi and Al Anoud Faisal Al Thani are at Qatar University studying Computer Engineering, Roudha Saif M A Al-Khaldi is at Texas A&M studying Electrical Engineering and Badour Yousuf Kala is reading Chemical Engineering at Qatar University

Business, Communications and Media -

This has proven to be another popular area for Ta’allum students

 Salman Al Saigh and Aisha Al Shahwani Business - Administration at Carnegie Mellon University. Faisal Al Sulaiti is studying International Affairs at Georgetown University and Haneen Al Mahmoudi Media at Northwestern University)

Maryam Nasser Abdulla Al-Abdulghani and Najoud Abdulla Z R Al-Talib were admitted to Carnegie Mellon University for Business Adminstration

and Maryam Mubarak M Al-Mohammed to Northwestern University for a degree in Communications.


Ta’allum’s CEO and Director of Education Praise Ta’allum Students’ Success Rates.

Ta’allum’s Director of Education, Dr. Mohammed Saefan, said ‘Students should be reassured that the grades they have received last summer have been fully earned, following a thorough and consistent assessment process. They are the result of their hard work and dedication.

Our students have shown commendable resilience and determination throughout this very challenging time. We must pay tribute to and admire the patience, maturity, and resolve they have shown when facing such uncertainty and we are very proud of their achievements. Our students never used COVID as an excuse to not chase their dreams. We thank our parents for their continued support and Ta’allum staff who have worked hard to ensure that students have been cared for and have continued to receive the best education possible. We are justifiably proud of our students’ commitment to university. The vast majority of Ta’allum students move on to degree courses.


Ta’allum CEO, Mr. Ahmed Al Mannai said ‘We are very proud of our students’ success. They are future leaders who also represent Qatar’s future. These wonderful exam outcomes bring great honour to our students and their parents, to their teachers, to our Academies and to Ta’allum Education.’


Notable Academic Success -Some Outstanding Individual Achievements



IASTop Achievers

In Year 11 IGCSE AMAB’s Yousef Al Sulaiti achieved 4 top grade 9’s in his haul of 9 strong IGCSE passes, as did Salman Janahi

Ibrahim Nasser Al Dossari, Amer Ali Al Emadi, Mohammed Abdulaziz Al Naimi, Mohammed Fahad Hussain, Abdulla Mohammed Al Hammadi and Hilal Ali Al Kuwari all achieved a brilliant clean sweep of straight A grades in their 3 IAS subjects.

IGCSE Tp Achievers





IAS Top Achievers

Al Emadi Latifa Ahmed, Al Anoud Faisal Al Thani, Maryam Nasser Abdulla Al-Abdulghani, Alshouq Khalid N A Alemadi, Roudha Saif M A Al-Khaldi, Maha Abdulla A F Al-Marri, Maryam Mubarak M A Al-Mohammed, Najoud Abdulla Z R Al-Talib, Badour Yousuf H Y Kala


IGCSE Top Achievers                                         

Mahrous Marim Eraky Khalil Mahrous, Dhabya Mohd H A Al-Mohannadi, Aldana Mohammed Al-Ghamdi, Ghalya Jassim M A Al-Hammadi , Meera Ahmed Al-Hammadi, Hajar Ahmad Al-Muraikhi, Maryam Ahmad A A Alyafei, Sara Samir Shamtiya  


IAS Top Achievers

Sara Al-Kaabi achieved full A level grade As in Biology and Chemistry along with her 3 IAS grades of 2As and a B. Abdulla Babikr  was awarded an A in his full A level Mathematics along with 3 IAS all at grade A.Abdulrahman Al-Namla achieved a B in full a level Physics and 3 top grade passes in his IAS subjects 

There were 4 A’s IAS for Omar Bahzad, Lolwa Al-Abdulghani, Aisha Al-Shahwani and Abdulaziz Al-Ansari

IGCSE Top Achievers included:

Shaikha Al-Majed, Ranim Murad, Lolwa Al-Majid, Khalid Al-Abdulla, Ahmed Megaly, Tamim Abu Samhadaneh. 

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