Talented Young Ta’allum Writers Celebrate at MIA ‘Reading and Writing Challenge’ Awards Ceremony

Talented Young Ta’allum Writers Celebrate at MIA ‘Reading and Writing Challenge’ Awards Ceremony

In the inspiring surroundings of the Museum of Islamic Art, and with a gentle breeze blowing across the outdoor terrace, the winning, young Ta’allum writers were presented with their awards. The accolades were for their creative endeavours in the MIA ‘Reading and Writing Challenge’ Awards Ceremony. Nearly 40 students created short stories which were published in a print edition entitled ‘Qatar Stories’ The ceremony was attended by MIA staff, proud parents, leaders and teachers from the Ta’allum Academies. It was wonderful occasion, returning to such an event after so long restricted by the pandemic. 

The MIA ‘Reading and Writing’ Challenge has become an established feature of Ta’allum’s learning calendar. It motivates and provides an incentive, purpose, and audience for our young people’s writing expression. The competition improves reading skills, creativity, and original thinking. The competition is in its 3rd year since its inception in 2017. It has become an eagerly awaited feature in the education department calendar. 

Ta’allum issued special thanks to Susan Parker Leavy, Head of the MIA library, Mr.Salem Al Aswad, Director of Learning and Outreach, and the whole MIA team who dedicated so much of their time, working in partnership with Ta’allum. It is a special community partnership for Ta’allum. 

The competition is the brainchild of Ms Mumtaz Moosa, Senior Librarian at Al Maha Boys’ Academy. She has been a driving force in the success of the competition. 

The students’ adopted varied and ingenious story themes, often futuristic and portentous, sometimes patriotic, surprising, funny, adventurous, and always entertaining. A full list of winners is published below. 

Ta’allum’s Director of Education, Dr. Mohammed Saefan, stressed Ta’allum’s commitment to the development of literacy skills, reading and writing, when he said ‘In this modern era of soundbites and instant communication, learning the craft of writing seems more important than ever. Reading and Writing are fundamental to ‘functioning’ in society, to developing minds and imagination and to how we discover new things. They are also powerful. Ideas written down have changed the destiny of men and nations.

Words are the building blocks of life. We are the result of words we have heard, read, or believed. What you become in the future will depend on the words you believe about yourself now. People, families, relationships, and even nations are built from words.’

Mr Ahmed Al Mannai, Ta’allum’s CEO expressed his admiration for the winners’ exploits, saying ‘It is with great pleasure that I express my appreciation and support for the MIA Reading and Writing Challenge. I congratulate the many students of Al Jazeera, Al Maha Boys and Al Maha Girls’ Academies whose stories grace the pages of this fine compilation. Congratulations to everyone on your achievements. I wish you all continued success and great enjoyment of reading and writing in the future.’  



Award Winners and Their Story Titles 


Secondary : 

 Winning Students

 Story Titles


Maram Eraky Mahrous                  

The Portion of Confusion


Maissa Elsayed Elmnshawi        

Through the Decades


Tarteel Elamin Eman                     

The Hourglass


Shooq Hassan Al-Malki                 

Without a Trace


Jana Tariq Mehtab                         

Are Books Meant to be magical?





Amna Youssif Al-Musleh               

Life in Qatar


Eiman Zafar                                        

The Mysterious Monkey


Aseel Salem Al-Aswad                   

The Horse


Leen Fahad Al-Amoudi                  

The Golden Necklace


Laial Moussa Aboumaali               

The Time Travel Journey

Secondary : 




Mohammed Obaid Al-Eida 

An Enlightening Escape


Omer Ayman

Museum of Islamic Art


Mohamed Abdulqadar 

A Tour to MIA


Fahad Al Dosari

My City (Arabic)


Mohaned Al Taher

Life in Qatar





Mohammad Baqar         

The Golden Eagle


Adam Khan                   

Lost IN MIA Library


Ghaith Kort                             

The Ancient Days


Hassan Al Emadi

Turki and the Wicked Genie


Amir Fakhro

Qatar's Vision 2030


Yusuf Rizwan Ughradar

The Lost Treasure


Abdul Aziz Al Thani

The Mask


Adam Cottin

Lost IN MIA Library


Ali Al Adba

The Golden Falcon

Secondary : 

Muhammed Ayaz

The Master thief


Nathan Bryan

The Iranian Astrolobe


Hamza Ul Hoque

Pearl Diving and Qatar


Hashem Feroun

The Princess's Necklace


Saeed Saleh

The Two Lands





Halima Farid

Salma and the Fearless Falcon


Lora Darwish

Watch out the bird is alive


Maryam Abdulaziz

The stolen crown


Salma Mohamed

What Makes the town alive


Noor Al Mudakha

The School Trip

Secondary : 




Muneera Abdulaziz Al-Dirhem

The Cursed Necklace


Sumayya Nissmy

Qatar 2030


Fatima Al Hayki

Riley's Separated Twin


Aisha Al Reyahi

What will Happen Next?


Aisha Al Janahi



Ghaya Hashim

The Golden Falcon

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