Ta’allum Success in MIA Reading and Writing Challenge and MoE


For the 2020 Reading and Writing Challenge, held at MIA Library, students seized the opportunity to showcase their creative and literary talents. Under the enthusiastic promptings of AJA Senior Librarian, Mumtaz Moosa, budding writers were initially encouraged to draw inspiration from the Museum of Islamic Art (MIA) Collection. This enabled them to derive a creative and personal writing response, subsequently bringing this writing to life through a skilful and animated live reading presentation. The judging panel praised all the students’ efforts. Over 60 students from Years 4 to 8 in the schools made it to the final.


The judges said ‘Students have shown creativity and imagination, ability to entertain and engage readers and an obvious enjoyment of the writing process. Their stories are well structured, organised, yet often unpredictable and always thought provoking. The successful entries demonstrated a willingness to experiment with ideas, styles, vocabulary, dialogue, realism and fantasy. Exploration in writing is a critical aspect of the unique, original and personal creative process.’

AJA was also invited to participate in the Ministry of Education’s prestigious Reading Olympiad Challenge 2020. The students were required to read between 5 and 25 books from topics such as Community Values, Environmental Issues or Scientific and Technological development. AJA students gave their best and won the two top prizes. The winning students, Athba Al- Naimi and Shahad Al- Mass, were awarded gifts and certificates for their impressive efforts.


Mr. Ahmed Al Mannai, Ta’’allum’s CEO

Mr Ahmed Al Mannai, Ta’’allum’s CEO said ‘I congratulate the students and staff for these successes. They represent Ta'allum with great distinction and emphasise our commitment to developing students’ expressive and creative abilities. 

Ta’allum’s Director of Education, Dr. Mohammed Saefan

Ta’allum’s Director of Education, Dr. Mohammed Saefan said ‘Literacy is critical to understanding and expression. The ability to read well and write extended prose develops both persistence and intelligence. Ta’allum’s key focus on literacy is exemplified by the efforts of these students who have participated in the MIA Reading Challenge and the Reading Olympiad 2020.’


AJA Senior Librarian, Mumtaz Moosa

The Ministry of Education has launched a reading competition called 'Iqra Challenge 2020'. This competition aims to promote students' creativity and inculcate a reading culture among As a librarian, participating in this event was imperative as it allowed the students to engaged with the wider community in Qatar. As part of this, the students need to read multiple books and analyze the stories to produce a well-written response. The students can build their confidence by presenting their ideas and stories in front of the Ministry personnel. Moreover, as a school, we get to collaborate with the Ministry to showcase the school’s strength to 

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