Ta’allum Leaders Plan to Meet New Thanaweyah Grade Requirements


Ta’allum Leaders Plan to Meet New Thanaweyah Grade Requirements 

The Governing Board and Senior Leaders across Ta’allum Academies met to consider their active, strategic plan responses to the raised expectations of Thanaweyah, Qatar’s High School Graduation requirement. This follows the formal notification to schools from the Minister for Education, Dr. Mohammed Abdulwahad Al Hamad, in Memo No. 11 (April 5th, 2021,) detailing new exam and grade requirements for students to pass their Thanaweyah (High School graduation).

Ta’allum’s Director of Education, Dr Mohammed Saefan introduced the meeting by outlining the increase in what is required of students to graduate, now a minimum of 7 IGCSE  subject passes (grades A*-D or 9-3) and 3 AS passes. He said ‘With Ta’allum’s ‘year on year’ improvements in exam results during the recent past, we are confident that we can support students to be successful. Nevertheless, it is clear schools and students will have to work very hard to raise levels of achievement and aspiration to meet the new more challenging requirements.’ The current challenges are exacerbated by Covid which has caused a loss of learning for many students. ‘Forward thinking Strategic Planning will enable us to maintain the cycle of continuous improvement.’ 

CEO Mr Ahmed Al Mannai stressed the prime importance of accountability and rigorous Quality Assurance from the earliest stages of education. ‘No Ta’allum student should be allowed to deviate from their learning expectation right from KG. The formative early years of school lay the foundation for everything which follows.’ He urged all staff to demonstrate full commitment and expertise. Ta’allum Academies use proven, effective gauges of performance through GL Assessment which ensure accurate alignment with international standards and levels of performance. 

During the meeting, all schools presented their initial plans for how they will contribute. Subjects discussed ranged from the design and breadth of the curriculum to the development of more ‘enquiry based’ experiences in which students critical thinking skills are exercised, leading to a greater degree of independent learning. It was noted that for the very youngest children, half of their lives had been lived under lockdown. Literacy, Language learning, and communication skillswere stressed as the key to successful learning for all students in all phases. Secondary schools outlined ‘Pathways models’allowing students to accumulate qualifications earlier than presently. Above all, collaborative working, mutual understanding, and respect across Early Years, Primary and Secondary were viewed as the long -term answer to raising achievement and outcomes.  

All schools are expected to develop their Strategic Plan responses by the end of August. The first group of students to whom this will apply are those currently in Year 9The new requirements will operate from the start of Academic Year in 2021-2022. 

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