Ta’allum Leaders Meet as Rising Exam Performance Trends Continue

Ta’allum Leaders Meet as Rising Exam Performance Trends Continue


Members of the Governing Board met with school Senior Leaders in a series of data analysis meetings, held at each of the three Ta’allum Academies, to review and analyse exam performance from Summer 2020. The meetings, which included the outcomes of assessments for the Early Years, Primary and Secondary schools, were held separately for each school. The overall outcomes gave cause for celebration with significantly positive, upward trends noted. Ta’allum has sustained its rigorous Assessment Policy throughout the time of COVID-19 closure, making use of electronic assessment and preparing Centre Assessed Grades for the external exam boards.

Dr Mohammed Saefan, Ta’allum’s Director of Education, urged staff participants to strive to ensure the motto ‘No Child Left Behind’ holds true for Ta’allum. He said ‘We focus on the learning needs of every student and we hold our staff to account to ensure students receive the high -quality teaching and learning they need and deserve. Performance data analysis is important, but it is what is done with the data that really matters. We judge student achievement in two ways: Attainment or the standard that pupils reach in, for example, assessments and exams, and Progress, referring to how well our students have progressed in their learning over time from their starting point. The use of valid and effective assessments by skilled teachers, exercising great professional judgement, is a core goal of Ta’allum to enhance learning outcomes’

Ta’allum CEO, Mr. Ahmed Al Mannai praised the work of Ta’allum’s Senior Data Analyst, Mr Nasirul Mohammed. He said ‘Nasirul and his team have worked tirelessly to devise and build our data infrastructure, using Microsoft’s Power BI system. The data allows teachers and leaders to conduct forensic, deep lying questioning and analysis at school, department, and individual student level. Our accountability system has evolved over time and we are now reaping the rewards with every child in every age group supported to achieve their true potential.

All school Heads presented their performance data. Through careful analysis, schools have made impressive improvements in recent years. Amongst the highlights this year were the impressive 0.17 positive progress measure for Primary and Secondary ‘school based exams’ achieved by Al Maha Academy for Girls; the 100% Thanaweyah success rate achieved by the Al Maha Academy for Boys for the 3rd year in succession; and the stunning individual success of Al Jazeera Academy’s Majed El Khalifa, who achieved 3A grades at AS level a year early. Majed is now studying for full 2 -year A levels with a view to application to the prestigious, world renowned, Oxford University in England. 

The future is bright for Ta’allum’s students. Their success is at the heart of all we do.

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