Ta'allum Lead Teachers (Secondary) Collaborate

Ta’allum Schools are developing strength and expertise through collaboration and partnership. The old saying ‘’Two heads are better than one’’ certainly applies to the Lead Teachers’ group (although in this case, it is five heads!).

The Lead Teachers comprise subject leaders from across the 3 Ta’allum Schools. They are as follows:

  • English -                      Feryal Mustafa (AMAG)
  • Maths -                        Lubna Shahid (AMAG)
  • Science -    

                                                Margaret Coker (Physics - AJA)    
                                                Munazza Mukhtar (Chemistry - AMAG)

                                                Syed Ali Haydor (Biology – AMAB)

  • ICT/ Business -          Tanvir Mohammed (AMAB)
  • Humanities -              Richard Busby (AJA)
The main goal of all participants is to achieve the very highest standards of teaching and learning, leading to optimised student attainment. The staff support each other with shared long, medium and short-term lesson planning. They collate and plan the Ta’allum examinations ensuring consistency, standards, and integrity.

In the most recent meeting on Thursday 13th September, the Lead Teachers focused on the implementation of the OWLTS online assessment system. They also reviewed the target setting process for young people and the ways in which progress can be measured effectively.

Secondary School Improvement Consultant Peter Kubicki said, ‘The excellent efforts of this group have been instrumental in promoting and supporting Ta’allum improvements in teaching, learning and assessment.’

(Picture: Ta’allum Secondary Lead Teachers meet to discuss directions for the year ahead.)


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