Ta’allum Academies’ - New School Year – High Expectations, Enthusiasm and Optimism

Ta’allum Academies’ - New School Year – High Expectations, Enthusiasm and Optimism

Ta’allum students and staff returned to school for the new year 2021-2022, full of expectation, optimism, and enthusiasm for the new school year ahead. The excellent first day student attendance figures underlined the commitment of students and families to their learning and their eagerness to reconnect with their friends and teachers. There was a palpable mood of happiness in all three Academies, AJA, AMAB and AMAG, as students and staff ‘reconnected.’ Learning commenced immediately.

Students in upper Secondary, particularly, returned in confident mood, celebrating excellent IGCSE and IAS results, with a 100% pass rate for Thanaweyah. These results were the best on record for Ta’allum Schools. In all year groups, whether the smart new uniform at AJA, the positive displays charting recent student successes, the excitement of talented new teachers arriving in Qatar for the first time or simply the smiles on the faces of students and staff, all added up to a wonderful and positive atmosphere for learning. Parents again demonstrated their confidence in and support for the distinctive Ta’allum blend of Islamic values, respect for Arabic heritage with an excellent international dimension. Ta’allum Academies continue to be popular and oversubscribed. 

During the summer, the MoEHE provided schools with the wise, precautionary guidance that schools should reopen with the now well- established, rotational attendance model for ‘Blended Learning.’ Each day 50% of students will attend school with the other 50% of students accessing the same learning at home via MS Teams. Ta’allum’s growing reputation as a ‘pathfinder’ in developing high quality online learning practice has been one of the positives to emerge from the challenges of the pandemic. Use of programmes such as Century Tech and the Accelerated Reader, adaptive learning resources which use Artificial Intelligence to support students at the most appropriate level, have supplemented MS Teams and other aspects of Ta’allum’s online educational provision. Collaboration across the Academies and sharing of best practice have been important ‘ingredients’ for this success. 

Ta’allum Academies have again worked hard on the plans for reopening, ensuring that we fulfil the expectations required. CEO Mr Ahmed Al Mannai said ‘Families can be reassured. Ensuring the safety of everyone is paramount in all our decisions and actions. All our schools comply fully with health and safety regulations which requires them to assess risks and put in place rigorous and proportionate control measures. ‘  All Ta’allum staff have undergone a mandatory PCR screening test. 

Director of Education, Dr Mohammed Saefan said, ‘During the time out of school many of our children have been working hard and producing good work and have benefited from time spent with their families, exploring and experiencing different opportunities to grow, learn and achieve in different contexts. The Ta’allum Governing Board is calm and measured in knowing that whatever the situation, we have the staff with the best knowledge and experience of how to teach, support and help our students in ‘closing the gap’ where required. We will not make our students worry unnecessarily or make them think that things are worse than they are. Where issues present themselves, our language and approaches will reflect our established ‘growth mindset’ philosophy. Good communication, Language for Learning, and literacy skills are at the forefront of our priorities and all we seek to achieve with our students.’  

The Ta’allum Governing Body has gone on record to wish all students; from the youngest children, starting nursery this week, to our Year 12 students aiming for exam success and university placement, the best of success in the year ahead. Ta’allum staff are fully committed to the most positive outcomes for young people. 




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