Moving from Early Years to Year 1

Ta’allum Training:

Moving from Early Years to Year 1  - preparing our teachers to meet new learners.

All of Ta’allum Year 1 teachers, coordinators, year leaders and Primary subject leaders joined together to explore and design outstanding learning for Year 1 children.

This was an action packed training which took place over 2 days, where staff worked together to share research, design classrooms and develop learning which is based upon the needs of a 5 years old child. We shared opportunities for learning which begin at a child’s starting points – the end of EYFS data.

Our next steps are to go back into school to develop our classrooms and begin the learning.



Agreeing upon a child’s starting points in Year 1                                                                Sharing our ideal classroom with each other

Working together to plan an “ideal” classroom for year 1 learners                          Collaborating to develop outstanding learning

Sharing a vision of Year 1 learning and 

Using a “thinking stick” to develop our own stories.

Sharing our experiences of “beautiful learning”


“This training was exciting and interactive.”

“We learned from each other.”




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