International Intrigue and Adventure at AJA!

International Intrigue and Adventure at AJA!

Year 8 boys at Al Jazeera Academy have had a compilation of their stories entitled ‘Spy’ professionally published. The boys were prompted and inspired to develop their compilation of Spy Stories by their English teacher, Callum Ayre. 

In the stories their readers were transported to a thrilling world of mystery and espionage with technological marvels in the manner of science-fiction fantasy and bleakly realistic scenarios. ‘Spy’ really captured the imagination of Al Jazeera students. Teacher Callum Ayre said ‘We were frightened, enthralled and entertained by their excellent creations!’

Ta’allum Academies are constantly seeking ways to develop students’ commitment to literacy skills through active, engaging lessons focused on text.

Sheldon Smith, Principal of Al Jazeera Academy said ‘I am sure the boys will experience a great sense of pride and be highly motivated when they see their stories in this professional print format. Their writing demonstrates great enthusiasm and the book publication is an excellent way to show how much we value and celebrate students’ work.

Ta’allum’s Director of Education Dr Mohammed Saefan said ‘Students respond very well to themes and ideas with which they can connect. This is clearly the case with the Spy Story unit – a most engaging scheme of work which certainly captures students’ interest.

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