Graduation Letter 2020


Student Graduation 2020

Dear Graduating Students, their Parents and Families

We take this opportunity to wish all our students, graduating in Summer 2020, congratulations on the successful completion of 12 years of compulsory education and the best of success in your future endeavours.

Unfortunately, due to the current COVID 19 measures it will not be possible to hold the annual Graduation Ceremony this year at the regular time in May or June. However, when the lockdown ends, and we return to normality, we will seek to arrange a celebratory event for all students in the Class of 2020 to mark your achievements.

We feel sure that you will share a mixture of feelings at this time – nostalgia, and memories of the past, hope for the future, and an overall sense of achievement and progress.

Be sure to remember and acknowledge the contribution of your friends, your family, and your teachers. During your learning journey they may have given you courage when you were facing fears or helped you ‘pick yourself up’ after a setback, helping you strive for success. Be grateful to the people in your life and you will in turn be more grateful to Allah.

As you graduate now, in 2020, you have the opportunity, to live a good life and play your part in creating a better future for your families, a better future for your communities, and, a better future for your country.

We have brought you on a journey of experiences which have helped you to grow and transform. We are proud of your success and wish you all the very best of success in the future. May Allah help you to use your knowledge to spread goodness, to unite people in peace and build bridges of understanding.

Yours faithfully



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