Graduation Ceremony for Al Maha Year 12 Boys

Glorious Graduation Ceremony for Al Maha Year 12 Boys

In a positive and celebratory Graduation ceremony last week at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, Al Maha Boys Academy said farewell to Year 12 students from the Class of 2019. Guests of Honour for the evening included the Ta’allum Chairman Mr Ghanim bin Sadd Al Sadd, CEO Mr Ahmed Al Mannai and Dr Salah Al Yafae, an eminent Motivational Speaker.

The boys entered the hall resplendent in their graduation gowns. They were greeted by Principal Mr Shuja Uddin who reminisced about the positive changes he had witnessed as they grew up under his stewardship. He provided an inspirational message urging the students to be true to their values. Memorably he used the acronym HAIL to stress the key qualities of Honesty, Authenticity, Integrity and Love.

Dr Mohammed Saefan proudly announced the success of all 3 Ta’allum academies in gaining WASC Accreditation and congratulated Al Maha Boys on their maximum 6 year tenure.

As each speaker left the stage, in a now traditional act, they planted earth on the Graduation tree symbolising their commitment to lifelong learning. Head of Year 12, Aftab Yaqoob, spoke nostalgically of his long association with the boys over his time and his pride as he has watched then grow into fine young men on the threshold of adult life. There followed an emotional, instinctive moment when the ceremony paused. The boys left the stage. This was for a heartfelt and spontaneous gesture of appreciation for their parents for the constant support, love and guidance they have shown. 

Year 12 student, Nayef Al Thani recited some of his own thought provoking and erudite poetry in impressive classical Arabic form to bring a cultural dimension.

Guest of Honour was Dr Salah Al Yafae, an eminent Motivational Speaker, urged the boys to always be driven by their values, their families and all that matters to them.

The presentation of the Special Prizes commemorated the boys’ many achievements in Academic, Leadership and Islamic Values fields.

On behalf of the parents, the fathers of Nayef Fareed Al Abdulla and Fahad al Asmakh congratulated all students and wished them the best of success.

Past AMAB students Abdulaziz Al Emadi sent a video message of goodwill from Georgetown University in Washington USA and Omar Al Jabri from Qatar Foundation also spoke.

Student, Saif Abdulla Al Sulaiti, paid tribute and gave thanks for ‘the special working relationships’ the boys had formed with their teachers. This close bond has promoted the boys’ confidence and success but ‘this is the beginning, not the end of the learning journey.’

Finally the boys stepped forward to receive their graduation certificates from Mr Andy Hubble, Head of Secondary School and Mr Mannai the CEO. They also received a personalised gift in the form of a hand painted portrait. The boys threw their caps into the air in time honoured traditional fashion. This signalled the end of the ceremony with the graduating class contemplating the good wishes of the whole school community for a happy, productive and successful life ahead.

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