Glorious Evening of Celebration at Rewards and Recognition for Ta’allum Staff

Ta’allum Education staff attended the 5th annual ‘Rewards and Recognition’ ceremony in the auspicious surroundings of the Shakespeare Room at Katara Hall 12 on Friday October 25th 2019. Some 240 Awards were distributed to staff from the audience of nearly 700 attendees. Award winners had demonstrated excellence in a variety of fields during the academic year 2018-19.

This particular evening took on special significance because during the Academic year all 3 Ta’allum Academies were fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Commission, demonstrating rising standards and cementing their reputation as the ‘schools of choice’ for the Qatari community. Guests of Honour at the event included Ta’allum Group Chairman, Mr. Ghanim-Bin-Saad-Al-Saad, CEO Mr Ahmed Al Mannai, Director of Education, Dr Mohammed Saefan and Executive Director of Tarbeya, Dr Shawkat Talha Talafha.

There were moments of formality when the CEO, Mr Al Mannai thanked staff and expressed his pride at Ta’allum’s achievements of the past year and Dr. Saefan congratulated all concerned for the hard work leading to WASC accreditation. Throughout the evening there was also a sense of fun and entertainment. The ceremony opened in most unusual fashion with a humorous, ‘spoof’ action adventure movie showing Mr Shuja Uddin, AMAB Principal clinging to his Ta’allum School of Excellence Award trophy from 2018 before a dramatic car chase and various skirmishes resulted in its rightful return to this year’s ceremony! Staff also sang the now familiar Ta’allum song with gusto and the 48 Nationalities of staff represented in the Ta’allum Group were honoured.

Long serving ‘stalwart’ staff clocking up 10 or 15 years’ service received awards for their loyalty. Pride of place must go to Ms Hana Al Mahi and Evangelique Adriano with a marvellous 16 years of service each.

Teachers whose classes had achieved 100% pass rates in IGCSE and AS exams received awards. 6 Ta’allum students had received notification from the Edexcel Board that their IGCSE results were the highest of any student in Qatar and 2 others, Raghad Ibrahim of AJA and Al Dana Al Abdulla of AMAG were awarded the highest marks in the Middle East for Chemistry and Psychology respectively. Staff of the Best Performing classes in EYFS, Primary and Secondary all received awards.

The climax of the evening featured the award of Ta’allum’s Best Performing School. The ceremonial flag for the Best Performing It was a nail biting conclusion. All 3 Principals were called to the stage as each of the contributing categories were tallied one by one. Ms Jeanette Azouz, AMAG Principal,  took away 5 trophies including best Secondary School and Mr Sheldon Smith received 4 trophies and expressed his pride at being 'the best Academy in the delivery of the Tarbeya ‘Values’ programme. It was a very close result but for the first time the Ta’allum School of Excellence Trophy was retained by AMAB. Mr. Shuja Uddin was joined on the stage by his triumphant Senior Team, Andy Hubble, Secondary Head, Michael Myford, Primary Head, Ms Amina Begum, Acting Head in EYFS along with Deputy Heads, Sean Dennis and Mohammed Osman. They again received the ceremonial banner to proclaim their success.

The final presentations were the special CEO Awards which recognised 4 staff who had made an extraordinary contribution to Ta’allum’s development this year. These were Ms. Margaret Coker, Head of Science at AJA, who has done so much to pioneer e learning assessment through the OWLTS platform; Ms Farhana Ebrahim, Deputy Head of Primary at AMAG for her proactive and positive commitment to values education, Mr Nizamumuddin Saiyad, key IT Admin Support at AMAB who gives constant, unstinting, expert technical help to colleagues and Nadia Waja, formerly Head of Primary at AJA, now at AMAG who was recognised for her excellent leadership skill based on total respect.

Special thanks were issued to Mr Nooh Abdullah of Tarbeya and the hardworking organising committee, whose industry and attention to detail made the ceremony so enjoyable.

Afterwards, Ta’allum’s Director of Education, Dr Mohammed Saefan commented ‘the success of our schools is built on the high quality of our staff. This evening acknowledged their magnificent efforts.’ CEO Mr. Ahmed Al Mannai said ‘We encourage a spirit of healthy competition amongst our Academies to spur them on to ever greater heights. I am delighted to see our continued year on year improvements.’

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