Back to School - Ta’allum Students Face Mid Semester 1 Exams

Back to School - Ta’allum Students Face Mid Semester 1 Exams 

Normal" isn't something school students in Qatar have seen since pre-COVID-19 closures last March but, this week, Ta’allum students have turned out in force to face their Mid Semester 1 exams. More than 97% of students were in school on the first day of the exams in a carefully constructed rota, to ensure full compliance with MoE expectations and health and safety precautions. For many students sitting the exams is even something to celebrate, given it will reunite them with friends they have not seen in several months.

30% of students are allowed on each Academy site at one time, Whilst maintaining ‘Social Distancing’, students are escorted or directed to their exam rooms and remain there for the duration of the session, including for a break between exams, before being safely supervised from the premises. Rooms are sanitised in the time between 1st and 2nd sessions. Special arrangements have been made for students with chronic diseases. Most exams for Year 5 to Year 9 students are being sat using the OWLTS online system, with its high-quality presentation and instant auto rated feedback.

Ta’allum’s Director of Education Dr Mohammed Saefan said, ‘With so many changes in people’s lives brought about by COVID-19, students’ learning and exams remain a ‘constant.’ We are delighted by the trust and commitment to learning our parents have shown in sending their children to sit the exams. We have rigorous processes in place to ensure the validity and credibility of the exam data, and final results, which will be reported to parents. Our groundbreaking ‘live’ lessons have meant that less learning time has been lost. Each student's results in the exams will help us assess how much special consideration for additional intervention they should be given. We aim to ensure ‘No Child is Left Behind.’ 

Ta’allum CEO, Mr. Ahmed Al Mannai, said ‘With our carefully planned, standardised practices for the security, invigilation, marking and moderation of the Mid Semester 1 exams across Ta’allum Schools, we can be certain our exams will produce valid, reliable, and accurate measures of our students’ progress. The continued use of online exams, using OWLTS, further demonstrates and consolidates our commitment in utilising technology to support learning.’

Nationwide and worldwide, the ongoing pandemic has placed unprecedented challenges on schools. With hope rising that Qatar schools will eventually be able to fully reopen, the 2020-21 academic year could be more crucial than ever in maintaining continuity of learning for all students so that they can succeed in the future.

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