AJA’s Talia Celebrates Success in National Reading Olympiad Final

AJA’s Talia Celebrates Success in National Reading Olympiad Final

Talia Amr Mohammed Fahmi, currently a Year 3 student at Ta’allum Group’s’ Al Jazeera Academy, has been declared a national winner in the Ministry’s prestigious, ‘Reading Olympiad’ competition. She was honoured this week at a prestigious ceremony, in the distinguished presence of Ms Fawzia Al Khater, Assistant Undersecretary for Educational Affairs at the MoEHE and Ms Rima Abukhadija, Director of Curriculum and Learning Resources.

Due to Covid precautions the presentation had been delayed from last year and was presented as a digital event, but this did little to curb the enthusiasm and high- quality accomplishments of the winning students. During the event, Talia delivered her active reading presentation and was asked searching questions by the judging panel before confirmation of her achievement. 

 Talia’s success is part of her wider reading journey. It is something of an understatement to say that Talia enjoys reading!  In fact, she is an avid reader who positively loves books. Encouraged by her mother, she developed her enthusiasm and passion for reading early. During Year 1, she joined the Qatar National Library and used her account both at home and in school.

 Whilst at school, Talia came to the attention of Senior Librarian, Ms Mumtaz Moosa, submitting many short stories and book reviews for various competitions. In 2019 when the Ministry announced the national ‘Reading Olympiad’ competition’ Talia showed interest, was ready and was entered.

At the launch of the competition, by the end of November 2019, Talia had read an incredible 280 Arabic books and nearly 320 English books.  In December 2019, 5 AJA students were nominated for Phase 2 of the competition.  By 12th February 2020, all 5 students competed in the Semi -Final at Qatar Foundation.

 The judges were intrigued and amazed by Talia’s prodigious skills and animated reading style, along with her insightful critical analysis of both fiction and non -fiction books. As a result, she appeared on Qatar TV for an interview at Qatar Foundation. Talia had secured her place in the Final.

 Since then, Talia has decided to beat the lockdown by adding a further technological dimension to her reading presentation. Her presentation story, entitled (بالون نور) "Balloon Noora" is now delivered with the help of the ‘Scratch 3.0 (coding) programme through the creation of an e book.  Talia has dubbed Noora’s voice onto the story presentation, the theme of which is how we can control our anger.

Dr Mohammed Saefan, Ta’allum’s Director of Education praised Talia’s efforts. ‘Quality children's reading and literature are at the heart of all successful learning. Talia’s efforts can inspire our students. Her imaginative and enterprising approach augurs well for her future’

Mr Ahmed Al Mannai, Ta’allum’s CEO said ‘Congratulations to Talia for representing Ta’allum and AJA with such skill and distinction. We are all proud of her success in the final of the Reading Olympiad.’

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