A Message of Gratitude and Appreciation for Teachers

A Message of Gratitude and Appreciation for Teachers

(On the Occasion of World Teachers' Day, October 5th, 2021) 

The annual celebration of World Teachers' Day today, October 5th, presents the perfect opportunity to express gratitude and appreciation for teachers everywhere for their devoted service, over generations, to humanity. On this day, the whole world, and Muslims in particular, pay tribute to teachers' virtues and qualities with great reverence and respect. A teacher who inspires young people is a role model, exerting a powerful influence on students' academic achievement and far beyond in broader personal qualities and values. This particular day is actively celebrated at Ta'allum. Today, we offer heartfelt thanks to all Ta'allum teachers for their significant contributions. We pay tribute to your invaluable work that positively impacts and enhances the quality of life for students, communities, and broader Qatari society.

Aptly, this year the theme of World Teachers' Day is 'Teachers at the Heart of Education Recovery.' One and a half years into the COVID-19 crisis, 2021 World Teachers' Day focuses on how teachers can continue to contribute to the recovery process fully. It marks our progress and prompts us to reflect on ways to tackle the challenges ahead.

Good teachers engender in their students: vitality, grace, and a sense of hope to strive for an optimistic, prosperous future. This is a future in which all can flourish, with the promise of even greater glory in achieving the pinnacle of success.

Ta'allum Group is committed to protecting and promoting teachers' status; the centrality of the teacher's role is sacrosanct and at the heart of our beliefs and values. Respect for teachers is both an imperative and a priority.

Teachers, we are honoured by your presence, and we salute you with all due respect and gratitude, renewing our faith in you and appreciating your loyalty, sense of belonging and deep faith. Your utter commitment is what we value most and chiefly your ability to develop knowledge, skills, understanding, and values in our young people.

May Allah protect you and reward you with bountiful graces and good health.

May Allah's Peace, Blessings, and Grace be upon you.


 Dr. Mohammad Saefan

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